About us
Renata Ciszek
Personally trained by inventor of Vampire facelift®,
O-shot®, P-shot® and Breast lift®.

Renata Ciszek APN-BC has 14 years of experience in the healthcare system. She has always believed that every woman can be made beautiful and that there are no ugly women in this world. Due to circumstances in her personal life, Renata decided to pursue a medical career first. But her dream was to always open a spa where she could enhance a woman’s natural beauty. After several years of much sacrifice, she is now able to realize her goals and make her dream come true of helping women feel better about themselves.

In April 2015, Renata graduated from the National Laser Institute in Aesthetics. Since then, she has had numerous training programs including Vampire Treatments (where she was personally trained by the inventor of Vampire Treatments, Dr. Charles Runels, in Alabama); Advanced Botox and Dermal Filler training in New York and Toronto; and multiple training programs in Chicago. She is also certified in lasers and Dermapen.

Her other passions include piano as she graduated from music school in Poland. Renata strongly believes in giving back to the community, especially to causes helping children. She has made a commitment to donating 10% of sales to Our Lady of the Wayside Catholic School in Arlington Heights as well as Dar Serca, a Polish organization helping children get the medical treatments they urgently need.